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niekam nereikia? ;] rugsėjo 13, 2006

Posted by negative in ne mano.

0.gifIt looks like a seat. But what is its intended use? Ha – You might as well ask…

The item below is on sale in the US.

you’ll never believe it…

1.gif 2.gif 3.gif

FOR THE LINE: “I DON’T WANT TO STRESS MYSELF“ HERE IS “THE COMFY SEX TOY“. It’s on sale in the States for $99,00.




The classic Gravitizer position that satisfies every time. The convex saddle shape gently compresses her anatomy into a velvet vice – a unique sensation no other toy can give – rendering extra stimulation and pleasure for both partners. Alternate with Flexing for a ride that’s got energy and nuance.



Nothing beats a slow, sensual flexing. One of the easiest, most pleasant position that can give you The Gravitizer. Alternate with the Trot, or reverse directions for more intimacy – the Flexer can be done facing either way. Always place legs through The Gravitizer as shown to prevent tipping.



Extra control for her, with an exotic clamping action on the upstroke. Have her grip the sides and pull down for greater penetration. You can use towels and pillows for more comfortable ride.



Give her the full treatment. A rock-hard shaft and a pair of loving hands at the same time render a potent, soothing climax. Position next to a bed or other firm support for his comfort.



Throw her over the doghouse – a natural for doggy-style lovers. A classic position freed of awkward balance and position issues, and now also allowing her to masturbate comfortably while enjoying vigorous rear entry. Put a thick towel on the saddle for her comfort.



One of the most popular positions, offering soothing penetration in the comfort of a loving embrace. Let him bounce her for a heady ride to ecstasy. Position next to a bed or other firm support for his comfort.



Extra control and authority for a position that demands a strong performance. Have him go “hands-only“ for a more athletic position – just curl legs.






1. dendy(s) - rugsėjo 13, 2006

Štai tau, tinginiuk :)

2. negative - rugsėjo 13, 2006

nu kaip. cia labiau ta kede moteru gyvenimui palengvinti skirta ;]

3. parazite - rugsėjo 13, 2006

kokioms dar moterims, vyrams isvis nebelieka ka bedaryti, moteris ar taip, ar taip dar turi kedute palinguoti or smth. :) kazkaip nepanasu i kazkoki palengvinima, man atrodo, kad turi dar i kazkokius standartus itilpti, o jei kazkam ta kedute per maza ir pan. ;)

4. negative - rugsėjo 13, 2006

JEIGU jau sitokia kedute per maza – tai neduok die sita motera atsisestu ant virsaus… ;]]

5. Misty - rugsėjo 13, 2006


6. negative - rugsėjo 14, 2006

misty: susidomejai? :)

7. Misty - rugsėjo 14, 2006

nu. beabejo. gi sitaip palengvetu gyvenimas! :)

8. parazite - rugsėjo 14, 2006

negative, o jei vyras per didelis ir ta kedute neaprepia jo?
kodel visalaik turi buti moteris kazkuo deta?

9. negative - rugsėjo 14, 2006

irgi variantas apie kuri pagalvoju reciau – vyras blogas. :) na bet ka jau cia – jeigu vyras netelpa po kedute – keisk vyra! :))

10. parazite - rugsėjo 15, 2006

tai gal tiesiog – NEPIRK kedutes? :D

11. negative - rugsėjo 15, 2006

o kaip be kedutes?? nenene. cia reikia kazka keisti kad kedute idealiai isikomponuotu tarp dvieju zmoniu. :)
miegojome trise – as kedute ir mano mergina. skamba PASAKISKAI ;]]

12. ragana - rugsėjo 15, 2006


13. negative - rugsėjo 15, 2006

o. raganele, ir tu susidomejai? ;]

14. Cahata - rugsėjo 18, 2006

oooOOooOooOoooOoo idomus dalykas :D

15. Cahata - rugsėjo 18, 2006

geras daiktas isiziurejau vaikinas staupo daug jegu :D bet ar idomu taip?:|

16. negative - rugsėjo 18, 2006

o vat ir man idomu zinok. ruosiausi pirkti, bet noreciau suzinoti isbandziusiuju nuomone. aciu.

17. Phil - rugsėjo 26, 2006

This is FUN !

18. LamazOidas - rugsėjo 28, 2006

ja galima naudoti kaip ir sikinika. Grybauji miske, uzsimanei pasykt, pastatei kedute, prisedai ant jos ir varai, nereiks atsitupus kentet.

19. manikas - spalio 12, 2006

bla bla sex ? :D

20. natos - spalio 14, 2006

where can I buy it?

21. Paul - rugsėjo 29, 2009

I’m not long enough to use it, I would come out

22. holo - rugsėjo 26, 2010

where can I buy it in ankara (turkish)?
an?d how much is that

23. holo - rugsėjo 26, 2010

where can i buy it in ankara?

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